The Fermi Paradox: 100 solutions and the survival of mankind


The author presents hundred solutions to the Fermi paradox. The universe is very big and very old, why aren’t the aliens here already? Why don’t we observe activities of extraterrestrial civilizations in the space? For the mega-civilizations, we are like a Monopoly game on the table, next to the sandwiches and the beer: we are totally visible, accessible, manipulable, and contactable. Why don’t superior intelligences contact us in an open manner or officially? They have their good reasons for not doing what we expect from them, which the author explains in this book. We are eagerly waiting for a contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. But what would be the result of an alien visit or attack? There is no need for an alien civilization to be evil in order to destroy us or to inhibit our development turning us into agrarian societies. An extraterrestrial contact could destroy us unintentionally in many ways: as the result of technological and biological accidents or mistakes on the part of the crew or the intelligent machines. Alien visitors could fatally contaminate with extraterrestrial microbes all humans accidentally. Fundamental scientific experiments or grand-scale industrial catastrophes of an alien civilization far away from Earth could delete numerous space races, including our own. Existential risks are those that threaten to destroy the whole population of our civilization or severely reduce its capacity, preventing its normal further development. The extraterrestrial civilizations are among the existential risks for humans. Colonization probes of a biological or machine alien civilization could start massively extracting natural resources and building facilities on the Moon and on Mars. The aliens would not attack or threaten us directly, but humanity would lose the Moon and Mars, which we consider as belonging to us, and which are the next vital step for our space programs. We plan to start human space colonization from the Moon and Mars. Not having the Moon and Mars would be like clipping the space wings of humanity. Stephen Hawking stated, “I think the human race has no future if it doesn’t go into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet.” Aliens could deny us a future. Scholars still cannot answer these grand questions: Do we live in a designer Universe? Are we subject to designer evolution? Are we a designer civilization? Who or what is the designer, and what are his plans? The true resolution of the Fermi paradox depends on the proper answer of these questions.


Introduction: The Equal Start Hypothesis: the intelligences in our Universe started at about the same time.

CHAPTER 1 Fermi Paradox and Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs on the Moon

Fermi Paradox

CHAPTER 2 100 Fermi Paradox Hypotheses

CHAPTER 3 The Battle for the Future: only a few will survive.

CHAPTER 4 Alien Bugs

Alien Nutty Professors

Alienoses are diseases communicable from extraterrestrial organisms to humans.

CHAPTER 5 Von Neumann Machines vs. Popoff Machines

CHAPTER 6 Mega-Intelligences: these are mature intelligences managed to abandon their dying home universes.

CHAPTER 7 Global Language

Clash of global swarms and global intelligences.

CHAPTER 8 Alien Invasion & Independence Day Myth

Why aliens attack Earth naked?

CHAPTER 9 Existential Risks or Bust

Roots of the Future

Dead Hand

Aliens on the Moon and Mars

CHAPTER 10 Homo Futurus

Universal Man

Progressors, uplifters, and star trekkers.

Do we live in a designer Universe? Are we a designer civilization?

The Fermi Paradox: Who built human civilization?

The Fermi Paradox: Who built human civilization?


Gods, mythological creatures, scholars of genius, great human leaders that changed history, arts, and sciences, UFO visitors, etc., are just avatars of the master civilization that controls our world.

Accepting the existence of a superior intelligence and its tremendous influence on the Universe, life, and intelligence is the only way to create a reliable scientific picture of our world.

When pondering the Fermi paradox (where are all the aliens?) and cosmology theories, researchers take into account only the extraterrestrial civilizations that originated in this cycle of our Universe. They don’t consider the superior space civilizations from previous evolutionary cycles of this Universe or other universes from the Multiverse and the All. These space races are mega-civilizations. They are very old (many billions, even trillions of years older than us) and extremely advanced. They would be like gods, even much superior. We can’t even imagine their level of development and what they are. Most probably they are capable of creating designer universes, life, and custom civilizations.

Life and intelligence are not an accidental by-product of our developing Universe.

Life on Earth has a very long evolutionary history, long before the origin of our home Universe. That’s why life on our planet seems so incredibly successful and far beyond what evolution governed by chance events might offer.

Human science is still too primitive to approve or disprove the existence and the role of the mega-civilization(s) on our society and the Universe, but we should study such a possibility intensely.

The accepted scientific model of the Universe could be proven wrong. The real picture of our world is probably far beyond our wildest imagination.

Table of Contents

Universes Full of Civilizations

The Fatima Case

Civilizations Under Control

The Flood: Reality, Myth, or Something Else

Designer World

Designer Planets

Designer Mass Extinction

On Becoming Immortal and Free—and to be no more an animal

Who built the pyramids?

Simulating the Future

Fermi Paradox: They are here and control us

Enrico Fermi, one of the chief architects of the nuclear age, reasoned that all technological civilizations would discover nuclear reactions, and with rockets based on this relatively simple technology could colonize the Galaxy. But there are no aliens on Earth. Fermi exclaimed in wonder, “Where is everybody?” Now we know the proper answer. They are here, on Earth! As a result of many years of intense research, the author presents in this remarkable and compelling study disturbing evidence of alien presence on Earth—a higher intelligence that has dominated humans since the beginning of mankind. They are here and they control us—the flying saucers, numerous aliens from all sorts of planets and dimensions, the deities and their religious miracles, the paranormal phenomena, the fairies, the demons, and many other products of an extraterrestrial entity, which is the long hand of some mega-civilization. The superior intelligence is here; we can’t see it directly but we can see its reflection in the phenomena it is displaying on Earth and in our minds. For the superior mega-civilizations, humanity is like a Monopoly game on the table, next to the sandwiches and the beer—humans are totally visible, contactable, accessible, and manipulable. In the book The Hidden Alpha, the author presented one hundred hypotheses explaining the Fermi paradox. The goal of the new book The Fermi Paradox is to give an answer to the famous question in the frame of existence of superior ancient civilizations that control the Universe, life, the civilizations, and humanity.

Table of contents:

1. Control

2. Reincarnation

3. E=mc2 or how to visit Marilyn Monroe

4. Precognition

5. Near-Death Experiences

6. UFOs Are Here

7. Animal Mutilations

8. UFO Theories

9. UFO Absurdities

10. The Fermi Paradox

They control you! Keep Calm and Carry On! You have no choice! http://www.amazon.com/Fermi-Paradox-Alexander-Popoff/dp/1514392763

Dyatlov Pass Incident


The book in German here: http://www.amazon.de/Djatlow-Pass-Vorfall-Untersuchung-verwirrenden-erklärt-ebook/dp/B00S189P6I

The author offers a new theory that can explain all the puzzling and contradictory facts of the bizarre story of the deaths of 9 elite ski hikers. Fifty-five years of research into the case of the Dyatlov Pass incident still does not offer a conclusive resolution of this long-standing mystery. The facts of this story are so puzzling and contradictory that as yet no theory can make them cohere into a realistic picture of those gruesome events in the year 1959. The Soviet investigators determined that an “insurmountable force of nature” caused the death of the ski hikers. In this investigation book the author presents 40 hypotheses on the Dyatlov Pass incident and, of course, his own theory that provides a surprising but realistic resolution of this long-standing puzzle. The author studied the Russian language and used the original criminal documentation and medical forensic examinations of the Dyatlov files in Russian, which helped very much to resolve the case. In this book the readers will find the only theory that can explain all strange and contradictory facts of the Dyatlov Pass incident.

Dinosaur Killers


An asteroid killed off the dinosaurs? Are you kidding me? In this riveting nonfiction book, Alexander Popoff explains how the asteroid and volcano theories, which are prevalent among scholars, are not viable because they can’t explain many specifics of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) extinction: the presence of extraterrestrial amino acids in the soils for tens of thousands of years before and after the catastrophe, the loss of part of Earth’s atmosphere, the multiple spikes of iridium and extraterrestrial amino acids in the K-Pg boundary zone, the extraterrestrial soot and elemental carbon in the boundary layer, etc. Dinosaur Killers also resolves the longstanding riddle of why some species died off while others survived. In the words of the paleontologist Dr. Robert T. Bakker in The New York Times, “It is as if nature aimed a smart bomb at the animal kingdom, designed to kill off only certain groups.” The K comet extinction theory explains the killing mechanism behind this Cretaceous smart bomb. One of the most hotly contested questions in paleontology revolves around the three-meter gap in the fossil record immediately prior to the boundary layer, representing about 100,000 years. Most often, it is assumed that the dinosaurs were already extinct at the end of the Cretaceous. As a matter of fact, the dinosauria was still alive and kicking when the catastrophe killed off most of the species on Earth. You will find the conclusive answer to this riddle in the book. Popoff also presents a theory on the 1908 Tunguska meteorite mystery in Siberia, which can help us better understand the K-Pg mass extinction and the loss of atmosphere during that catastrophe. The book explains also why the huge dinosaur species did not need to be truly warm-blooded and why warm-bloodedness would have killed them in the hothouse Mesozoic world. Dinosaur Killers presents fascinating details about the ancient atmosphere, which determined some specifics of the Mesozoic world, making giant flying reptiles and 50-ton dinosaurs possible, and explains why such extraordinary animals could not live today and why it is not possible to reconstruct the original authentic Mesozoic world in an open habitat, including the dinosaurs, as Michael Crichton did in his fiction book Jurassic Park. Dinosaur Killers skillfully integrates elements of a research book with the narrative of a scientific detective story. The K comet extinction mechanism is an exceptional contribution to the study of dinosaur demise and the implications for the survival of humanity. Many scientists believe that if dinosaurs had continued to develop, they probably would have evolved sophisticated brains and would have created a civilization, landing on the Moon and roaming the Galaxy sixty-five million years before humans. The book also gives an overview of 146 other dinosaur extinction theories. The dinosaur extinction mechanism is finally revealed.