The Fermi Paradox: 100 solutions and the survival of mankind The author presents hundred solutions to the Fermi paradox. The universe is very big and very old, why aren’t the aliens here already? Why don’t we observe activities of extraterrestrial civilizations in the space? For the mega-civilizations, we are like a Monopoly game on the table, next to the sandwiches and the beer: we […]

Fermi Paradox

Enrico Fermi, one of the chief architects of the nuclear age, reasoned that all technological civilizations would discover nuclear reactions, and with rockets based on this relatively simple technology could colonize the Galaxy. But there are no aliens on Earth. Fermi exclaimed in wonder, “Where is everybody?” Now we know the proper answer. They are […]

Dyatlov Pass Incident The book in German here:ärt-ebook/dp/B00S189P6Iärt/dp/3956520912 The author offers a new theory that can explain all the puzzling and contradictory facts of the bizarre story of the deaths of 9 elite ski hikers. Fifty-five years of research into the case of the Dyatlov Pass incident still does not offer a conclusive resolution of […]

Dinosaur Killers An asteroid killed off the dinosaurs? Are you kidding me? In this riveting nonfiction book, Alexander Popoff explains how the asteroid and volcano theories, which are prevalent among scholars, are not viable because they can’t explain many specifics of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) extinction: the presence of extraterrestrial amino acids in the soils for […]

El Alfa Oculto

La verdad está ahí afuera: Fuera de este Universo. Fuera de este tiempo.