Dyatlov Pass Incident


The book in German here: http://www.amazon.de/Djatlow-Pass-Vorfall-Untersuchung-verwirrenden-erklärt-ebook/dp/B00S189P6I

The author offers a new theory that can explain all the puzzling and contradictory facts of the bizarre story of the deaths of 9 elite ski hikers. Fifty-five years of research into the case of the Dyatlov Pass incident still does not offer a conclusive resolution of this long-standing mystery. The facts of this story are so puzzling and contradictory that as yet no theory can make them cohere into a realistic picture of those gruesome events in the year 1959. The Soviet investigators determined that an “insurmountable force of nature” caused the death of the ski hikers. In this investigation book the author presents 40 hypotheses on the Dyatlov Pass incident and, of course, his own theory that provides a surprising but realistic resolution of this long-standing puzzle. The author studied the Russian language and used the original criminal documentation and medical forensic examinations of the Dyatlov files in Russian, which helped very much to resolve the case. In this book the readers will find the only theory that can explain all strange and contradictory facts of the Dyatlov Pass incident.