Fermi Paradox: They are here and control us

Enrico Fermi, one of the chief architects of the nuclear age, reasoned that all technological civilizations would discover nuclear reactions, and with rockets based on this relatively simple technology could colonize the Galaxy. But there are no aliens on Earth. Fermi exclaimed in wonder, “Where is everybody?” Now we know the proper answer. They are here, on Earth! As a result of many years of intense research, the author presents in this remarkable and compelling study disturbing evidence of alien presence on Earth—a higher intelligence that has dominated humans since the beginning of mankind. They are here and they control us—the flying saucers, numerous aliens from all sorts of planets and dimensions, the deities and their religious miracles, the paranormal phenomena, the fairies, the demons, and many other products of an extraterrestrial entity, which is the long hand of some mega-civilization. The superior intelligence is here; we can’t see it directly but we can see its reflection in the phenomena it is displaying on Earth and in our minds. For the superior mega-civilizations, humanity is like a Monopoly game on the table, next to the sandwiches and the beer—humans are totally visible, contactable, accessible, and manipulable. In the book The Hidden Alpha, the author presented one hundred hypotheses explaining the Fermi paradox. The goal of the new book The Fermi Paradox is to give an answer to the famous question in the frame of existence of superior ancient civilizations that control the Universe, life, the civilizations, and humanity.

Table of contents:

1. Control

2. Reincarnation

3. E=mc2 or how to visit Marilyn Monroe

4. Precognition

5. Near-Death Experiences

6. UFOs Are Here

7. Animal Mutilations

8. UFO Theories

9. UFO Absurdities

10. The Fermi Paradox

They control you! Keep Calm and Carry On! You have no choice! http://www.amazon.com/Fermi-Paradox-Alexander-Popoff/dp/1514392763