The Fermi Paradox: Who built human civilization?

The Fermi Paradox: Who built human civilization?

Gods, mythological creatures, scholars of genius, great human leaders that changed history, arts, and sciences, UFO visitors, etc., are just avatars of the master civilization that controls our world.

Accepting the existence of a superior intelligence and its tremendous influence on the Universe, life, and intelligence is the only way to create a reliable scientific picture of our world.

When pondering the Fermi paradox (where are all the aliens?) and cosmology theories, researchers take into account only the extraterrestrial civilizations that originated in this cycle of our Universe. They don’t consider the superior space civilizations from previous evolutionary cycles of this Universe or other universes from the Multiverse and the All. These space races are mega-civilizations. They are very old (many billions, even trillions of years older than us) and extremely advanced. They would be like gods, even much superior. We can’t even imagine their level of development and what they are. Most probably they are capable of creating designer universes, life, and custom civilizations.

Life and intelligence are not an accidental by-product of our developing Universe.

Life on Earth has a very long evolutionary history, long before the origin of our home Universe. That’s why life on our planet seems so incredibly successful and far beyond what evolution governed by chance events might offer.

Human science is still too primitive to approve or disprove the existence and the role of the mega-civilization(s) on our society and the Universe, but we should study such a possibility intensely.

The accepted scientific model of the Universe could be proven wrong. The real picture of our world is probably far beyond our wildest imagination.

Table of Contents

Universes Full of Civilizations

The Fatima Case

Civilizations Under Control

The Flood: Reality, Myth, or Something Else

Designer World

Designer Planets

Designer Mass Extinction

On Becoming Immortal and Free—and to be no more an animal

Who built the pyramids?

Simulating the Future