Are We Living in a Simulation or in a Material World Operated by a Simulation?

In this book, I share the results of my research of the simulation hypothesis: this is the proposal that our reality could be an artificial simulation, such as a computer simulation.

The new model of our Universe suggests that it is material and is operated by a simulation.

The simulation is controlling everything in our world, including the minds of the evolving intelligent creatures (humans and aliens) in order they to develop advanced civilizations, science, and technology as fast as possible.

The new finding explains conundrums like the Fermi paradox (why we have no hard the evidence of existence of extraterrestrial civilizations), fine-tuning of the Universe, why there is no free will, prediction of future events, how we make discoveries, what is a genius, the paranormal phenomena, UFOs (alien spacecraft, mind control, or materializations?), near-death experiences, dinosaur extinction, why we can time-travel only virtually, etc.

We are living in a material world reflecting a sophisticated simulation. The Grand Hermetic Principle of Correspondence says, “As above, so below.” Finally, the meaning of the famous occult axiom is revealed: above is the guiding simulation created and controlled by a superior intelligence, below is the “subjugated” material world with all stars, planets, humans, and aliens.

The secret of the philosopher’s stone is revealed, too: this is the power to control the simulation. If you can control the simulation, you can do and have everything—you can turn lead into gold, water into vine; you can enjoy eternal life in perfect health; you will know everything; you can have the most attractive beauties of the past, present, and future. You can defy the laws of physics (which are only algorithms of the simulation) and travel great distances across the Universe instantaneously. No wonder that the UFOs are defying the physical laws—someone can control the simulation, hence our material world.

With sufficiently advanced technology, some individuals could take control over the simulation, reaching the long-sought goal of the alchemists for obtaining the philosopher’s stone, which is control over the simulation. With the fast advancing science and technologies, the search for the philosopher’s stone continues with renewed vigor.

The book presents a most fundamental and powerful idea explaining the existence and evolution of the Universe, life, and intelligence. Armed with this new  concept of our reality, you will see the world with new eyes.


1. Fermi Paradox: Where Are the Aliens?

2. The Fatima Miracle: Mass Mind Control

3. Near-Death Experiences Suggest Simulation

4. Material World Reflecting a Simulation

5. Reincarnation: Eternal Soul or Digital Technology

6. Mind Beyond the Brain

7. Man of Future

8. The Simulation Guides the Animals, Too

9. The Omnipotent Simulation Plays Games

10.  Creativity, Intuition, and The Genius

11. Psychokinesis Parties

12. Creating Universes and Educational Environment

13. Precognition of the Future and Determinism

14. Adolf Fritz: The Surgeon from The Beyond

15. Psychic and UFO Healings

16. Dinosaurs on the Moon or Engineered Extinction

17. Dowsing

18. Transformation: Entering a New World or a Hell

19. Various Cases

20. UFOs: Mind Control, Materializations, or Alien Spacecraft?

Afterword: designer civilization in a designer world

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