The Fermi Paradox: 100 solutions and the survival of mankind

The author presents hundred solutions to the Fermi paradox. The universe is very big and very old, why aren’t the aliens here already? Why don’t we observe activities of extraterrestrial civilizations in the space? For the mega-civilizations, we are like a Monopoly game on the table, next to the sandwiches and the beer: we are totally visible, accessible, manipulable, and contactable. Why don’t superior intelligences contact us in an open manner or officially? They have their good reasons for not doing what we expect from them, which the author explains in this book. We are eagerly waiting for a contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. But what would be the result of an alien visit or attack? There is no need for an alien civilization to be evil in order to destroy us or to inhibit our development turning us into agrarian societies. An extraterrestrial contact could destroy us unintentionally in many ways: as the result of technological and biological accidents or mistakes on the part of the crew or the intelligent machines. Alien visitors could fatally contaminate with extraterrestrial microbes all humans accidentally. Fundamental scientific experiments or grand-scale industrial catastrophes of an alien civilization far away from Earth could delete numerous space races, including our own. Existential risks are those that threaten to destroy the whole population of our civilization or severely reduce its capacity, preventing its normal further development. The extraterrestrial civilizations are among the existential risks for humans. Colonization probes of a biological or machine alien civilization could start massively extracting natural resources and building facilities on the Moon and on Mars. The aliens would not attack or threaten us directly, but humanity would lose the Moon and Mars, which we consider as belonging to us, and which are the next vital step for our space programs. We plan to start human space colonization from the Moon and Mars. Not having the Moon and Mars would be like clipping the space wings of humanity. Stephen Hawking stated, “I think the human race has no future if it doesn’t go into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet.” Aliens could deny us a future. Scholars still cannot answer these grand questions: Do we live in a designer Universe? Are we subject to designer evolution? Are we a designer civilization? Who or what is the designer, and what are his plans? The true resolution of the Fermi paradox depends on the proper answer of these questions.


Introduction: The Equal Start Hypothesis: the intelligences in our Universe started at about the same time.

CHAPTER 1 Fermi Paradox and Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs on the Moon

Fermi Paradox

CHAPTER 2 100 Fermi Paradox Hypotheses

CHAPTER 3 The Battle for the Future: only a few will survive.

CHAPTER 4 Alien Bugs

Alien Nutty Professors

Alienoses are diseases communicable from extraterrestrial organisms to humans.

CHAPTER 5 Von Neumann Machines vs. Popoff Machines

CHAPTER 6 Mega-Intelligences: these are mature intelligences managed to abandon their dying home universes.

CHAPTER 7 Global Language

Clash of global swarms and global intelligences.

CHAPTER 8 Alien Invasion & Independence Day Myth

Why aliens attack Earth naked?

CHAPTER 9 Existential Risks or Bust

Roots of the Future

Dead Hand

Aliens on the Moon and Mars

CHAPTER 10 Homo Futurus

Universal Man

Progressors, uplifters, and star trekkers.

Do we live in a designer Universe? Are we a designer civilization?